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asked Guardian Soulmates for a comment but we're yet to hear back.® In a statement, Guardian News & Media apologised, and blamed the problem on "human error by one of our third party technology providers." In a statement, the publisher said: We can confirm we have received 27 enquiries from our members which show evidence of their email addresses used for their Soulmates account having been exposed.The problem is that it felt like looking for love in the classifieds section of a newspaper. By giving Soulmates its own logo it now has the ability to stand on its own and establish an attitude and aesthetic free from the guidelines of the news organization behind it.Soulmates is one of the UK’s longest running online dating brands and is a flagship commercial business of the Guardian.The big idea We defined Soulmates as a place where like-minded people who share similar passions, pastimes, quirks and irks, connect over the stuff that makes them, them.Our response is all about these simple, special connections.

Jes Breslaw, director of strategy at Delphix, commented: "Given that the spam came as a result of a third party, it's likely the original breach came from a test system – which demonstrates the importance of adopting multi-layered security measures when working with third party consultants, contractors or outsourcers." Marco Cova, senior security researcher at Lastline, added that although the leaked information wasn't particularly sensitive it might still be used as fodder for follow-up phishing attacks.As a dating site, Soulmates’ primary goal is to convert visitors into paid subscribers.They drive a majority of their traffic directly from ads placed on The Guardian’s news pages.We defined Soulmates as a place where like-minded people who share similar passions, pastimes, quirks and irks, connect over the stuff that makes them, them.New logo, custom typeface, imagery, copy and iconography — an entire brand toolkit designed to reflect the big idea.

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