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Its definitely more fun than just using a marriage agency to set you up with someone.

Here are some reasons why you should create a personal ad on Russian Cupid - Others have successfully done it, so can you.

These emoticons can be really cute and for sure, any person would love to see you using them.

Fake out: Gabriel from Canada notes that you can usually tell when a woman doesn't mean it when she offers to pay.

djuice was launched in Norway and Hungary in 2003, Ukraine in 2004, Bangladesh in 2005, Pakistan in 2006 and Montenegro in 2008.

In 2012 the brand Djuice was merged with Telenor and all the balances of the Djuice customers accounts were confiscated by Telenor, which led to a number of dissatisfied customers.

Annelie goes on to explain that women in Sweden often pick up the bill and the men 'don't dare say no' to the where you can find a soulmate or just meet new friends.

With so many options to choose from, your choice of dating site will just depend on your preference and your budget.

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