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Dating of the sulphide-alteration (pyrite) and phyllic-alteration (muscovite) stages of the ore system utilized the Re-Os and Ar methods, respectively.

This has led some authors to conclude that we have little basis for assuming that anatomically modern humans were the makers of the Aurignacian (. For this reason, it is especially important to review, and to analyze carefully the dental characteristics of the specimens from Brassempouy, a carefully excavated and well-dated site indisputably early Aurignacian, to see what light they can shed on the taxonomic affiliation of the hominins they represent. We also agree that analyses based on complete dental specimens may provide the most powerful taxonomic assessment.As part of this study additional geochronological data were obtained for detrital zircon (U-Pb age of 1634 ± 11.2 Ma) from the host sedimentary rocks, as well as timing of thermal events at ca. 370–380 Ma, 350 Ma and Ar and chemical Th-Pb dating of host rocks and monazite. In order to determine the age of mineralization and provide an important time constraint for developing a metallogenic model, direct dating of the mineralization and associated alteration was undertaken. At Copper Lake, mineralization occurs in a set of sulphide-carbonate fissure veins hosted by fine-grained metasedimentary rocks of the Middle Devonian Guysborough Group. Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, Report ME 2005-1, pp.

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