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“The victim said he smelled strongly of alcohol and she offered him the visitor’s book to sign, and he scribbled something which was unreadable,” she said.“As the victim was sorting out clothes in the shop, Merchant appeared behind her and grabbed her in a tight bear hug before slapping her bottom really hard. You are a very efficient professional and a very good companion work. You’re one of the best colleagues I’ve ever worked with. Happy birthday to somebody I’m truly proud to call a colleague! Every day I come to work with enthusiasm because I know that I have such special coworkers like you with whom I really make a good team . When it comes to those water-cooler moments, office gossip is thriving with most of us believing (or perhaps assuming!

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Now Merchant, who has moved from Ramsgate to Croydon, has been jailed for two and a half years and banned from going to Deal for 10 years.

Drop you in the sex only category and you might have a one night with him (possibly two if you are hot) Guys are pretty simple when it comes to women, they want to sleep with all of them and you will never be taken seriously if put such a low value on your vag. Once again let me remind you of the objective, to get the girl or guy interested in you and possibly have sex/relationship. Believe it or not, this strategy, while seeming simple will blow the doors off any any sexting one-liner. Her: You wish, something smelled bad in the trash and I thought of you Me: Not surprised, you are a pretty filthy girl Her: Only in bed Me: Yeah maybe we will have another shot at that sometime.

Anytime you bag on yourself, you open up her comfort.

Remember to keep smiling while you still have teeth!

According to a Payscale office romance report, 15% of the 42,000 respondents said they would date someone they work with.

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