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I jerked my neck back, he didn't just mug my baby.

A white man passed by our table and looked at Pac in disgust.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction I have been silent for a while, and I thought about it for a second. My name is Aaliyah Shakur, and this is the Untold Love story of Aaliyah and Tupac Cover by Colorful-Me I was in the studio..... Missy, Timb (Timberland) and I was listening the song that I was about to release. I'm still kickin' it here, Pac." I looked into his big beautiful brown dough eyes. I reached to him, and grabbed his muscular arm, causing him to turn around. Sit down." He interruped me, I swung my ponytail in dramatic effect and sat down.

It was called "Up Jumps Da Boogie", that was one of my favorite songs that I'd done with Timb and Missy, it was like a party song. Well anyway, we were dancing and having a good time, and he'd walked in. "Uh, no." I'd said, I sounded dumb as hell, I hate sounding stupid. "Come on, let's go." He said, making me stand up. He towered over me, and was soo well-built, and I was well so small. "Mc Donalds." I turned around, and continued walking. "He just mean mugged you, Pac." I said, looking at him in disbelief. Lemme take you home." He stood up, and threw our trash away.

It is a story about the difficult places he came from and the ways they may, or may not, have shaped who he has become.

It is a story about the remarkable, but also very strange, pop talent he has.

Kidada had only been dating Tupac for four months when he was suddenly taken away from her forever, left wondering what would have become of their love had things been different.

Visibly shaken, Jones recalls that she then headed to the parking garage and walked around for 9 hours repeating to herself that “He couldn’t die.” “I knew we should’ve never gone to Vegas that night. Kidada ran into Pac at a night club in which the rapper apologized to her for his remarks; they later started dating.

These are all questions that unfortunately she would never know the answers too.

According to published reports, Kidada Jones was one of the last people to have spoken to Tupac. After asking him those questions, Kidada stated that he nodded, “Yes”.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.” The memories DMX has of the lauded singer are both personal and positive.

His youngest daughter, 1, shares Aaliyah’s name — a sign of appreciation for the impact the deceased performer had on his life. The exact event slips the MC’s mind but a smile washes over his face as he speaks on how he saw himself as “the man” that day. I think it’s only in death do we recognize a person’s true presence.” Fans still feel her absence and remember the remarkable career she had at just 22 years old.

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