Who is zack dating

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From Vanessa Hudgens to Taylor Swift, we've dug through his past love life and figured out where are all of his ex girlfriends now!And not just where they are now but WHO they are actually dating now.31-year-old Zack Ryder, meanwhile, was born in Long Beach, New York and has been with the WWE since 2005, gaining attention from fans in part due to his web show 'Z!True Long Island Story.' It's unclear when exactly the relationship between Zack and Emma started, but they have been public with it for six months now.He says he understands and if she feels she needs to see what's out there he won't stop her, but Ella explains that she hadn't expected to find someone she liked so much so soon. Zack and Ella are canoodling at The Brew and Zack tells her he has been invited to a year-long pastry program at a castle outside of Vienna, Austria and wants Ella to go with him.Kelly Kapowski (married) Jessie Spano (briefly) Lisa Turtle (dated briefly) Tori Scott (dated briefly) Stacey Carosi (dated briefly) Ginger Baldwin (dated briefly) Danielle (dated briefly) Dr. Zack is one of the most popular students at Bayside and is many girl's crushes.The two of them are kissing when Aria suddenly walks into Ella's classroom arrives.Ella introduces them and Zack figures out it is his cue to leave.

Zack is on a lunch date with Ella at during her lunch break at Rosewood High School.

Zach flirts with Ella and is seen looking on as she meets Ted.

At the end of the night, Ella returns to The Brew looking for Emily because she wants to ask if she's seen Aria.

Eventually, Zack won Kelly over again, and they became engaged.

According to Nielsen’s social media TV ratings, this week’s post-Wrestle Mania edition of WWE Raw ranked #1 among series & specials for the night.

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