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" After all, the band did go to Tareq and Michaele's winery to play for free (and now we all see why)!

And when the white house crashers later went to one of their concerts, they hung out with the band backstage, and Tareq could have sworn Neal was married to a woman named Ava.

Remember when we all thought Michaele Salahi was kidnapped?

But then it turned out she actually just ran away with the guitarist from Journey…awk-ward! He thought Neal Schon was one of his "best friends!

Tareq Salahi has ended his legal beef with estranged wife Michaele and her lover Neal Schon of Journey fame. Tareq Salahi's lawsuit against his estranged wife Michaele Salahi was recently dismissed, but he's instead turned his focus to her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, the band’s personal recording label and their publicist.

After she surprisingly left him for the rocker, Michaele and Tareq have finalized their divorce - and he's dropped a (largely frivolous) lawsuit against Schon as well.

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Tareq Salahi accuses Michaele Salahi of "humiliating him" in a ploy to make money for Schon, his famed band and herself. 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits The suit, filed in Warren County Circuit Court by Salahi's attorney, lists several defendants, including Mrs.The suit is not without its salty moments, and includes a claim that on Sept.13 Schon sent Salahi a photo of a male body part he believed to belong to the rocker. received a phone call that evening from someone who said, ' This is Neal, I am [expletive] your wife.'" Salahi is asking for monetary and punitive damages.Not just breakups, but actual marriages crumbling before our eyes.Some did surprise us more than others, but we can honestly say we didn't see any of these divorce filings - all from the last 12 months alone! Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon didn't just run off and leave their partners, they humiliated them in the process ... Tareq Salahi is demanding his estranged wife and her rock star boyfriend cough up MILLION DOLLARS for publicly humiliating him with their torrid, public affair. His estranged wife may be a groupie slut, but she's got a rock star doting on her.

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