Who is kirsten storms dating

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My dr’s say my breakouts are due to stress, but shouldn’t take too long to get under control.

(I can say that I’m on the better end of it now) However, it was becoming too difficult for GH to coverup.

fan favorite Kristen Storms (Maxie) is back on the set of the ABC daytime drama series!

The actress, who took some necessary time off, has been confirmed by the series to be taping new episodes.

actress Kirsten Storms said she was suffering from Endometriosis; however, with the information that’s come to light, it appears as if she made the whole thing up in a drastic effort to cover up the fact that she was in rehab!

Tiffany Lynn Rowe, who’s currently engaged to Kirsten’s brother, has gone on the record to say that Kirsten is totally lying through her teeth.

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Watch Kirsten and Ryan’s facebook live chat after the jump with some drop-in special guests: director Bill Ludel and casting director, Mark Teschner.Instead, it was a mere cover-up for the fact that she had gone into rehab.It’s no secret that she has a history of reckless behavior.General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Kirsten Storms should be back to work any day now on the set of GH.The ABC soap was dark for two weeks – the week ending May 26 and this week ending June 2.

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