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Twenty-seven-year-old Blake rose to fame as a dubstep-y, EDM-influenced songwriter back when he was 21-year-old Blake—and like most people, he's changed a lot in his twenties. But when you have a jam session kind of thing or you’re onstage and there’s no real reason to keep to the script, anything can happen. I was a little bit defensive talking to people about my music. Or they want to know me and I don’t really want to know them. He has an exceptional mind, so he’s definitely someone I like talking to. Army surplus kind of." At the time I had never seen anything like that. I’d really like to have a rap feature on this record." In fact, I’d like to have a few.

But his reputation for emotionally heavy vibes laid over oozing electronic beats has stuck., was written after a break-up. He also now spends much of his time in Los Angeles, where he's learned to love the sunshine. My girlfriend is a very buoyant sort of character, and she makes me laugh a lot. You get these moments of connection to other musicians. It’s not very common in America, but in Europe it’s pretty common. I’ve been too truthful and said what I’m excited about, and then I was worried that it would come off as, “Hey, I’m going to have Kanye West on my album! I think interviewers started to be a little wary of me, that I was just going to be defensive. The music that you were making then, too—it has a certain sound. But, yeah, so with the music, it was kind of heavy, and I think people rightly thought, "Oh, he’ll be a heavy person." I found that a little bit annoying because my music writing was, like, me at my emotionally heaviest, because I was waiting until I felt a lot about something and then I would write and get myself into that headspace. They’re like British pioneers of comedy, and they do this radio show, well it was conducted like a radio show, called Derek and Clive. In terms of other comedy, yeah, I like a lot of British comedy. I only really spoke to him about music and fashion, to be honest. I don’t know if he’s—he was showing me all these designs he had come up with, which eventually became the Yeezy stuff. I remember thinking: Kanye, Vince Staples—these are the names that popped into my head.

Next week, after a summer of heavy international touring and sell-out shows, worldwide acclaim for his third album and plaudits from a constellation of A-list musical stars, the Goldsmiths graduate will do just that.

Blake has re-entered the mainstream consciousness in the past few months following his surprise appearance on Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’, but tonight was all about an appreciation of his stunning solo work that got him that job in the first place.and completed primary education at Grange Park Primary School, Winchmore Hill and secondary education at The Latymer School, Edmonton.Later on, he attended Goldsmiths, University of London, where he received a degree in Popular Music.But having him around always makes me feel like I could do anything. And I think that comes with people thinking you’re just not really that loose in general—but then if you look at our live show, I think it kind of goes quite a few places. ” I was like, “Hopefully got him coming up.” And I guess if you say his name in America—or anywhere, really, because he’s so big... I’m very honest and various times I’ve been too truthful and said what I’m excited about. Well, it’s like in Super Mario: Kanye's sort of like the mushroom for clicks. We tried some recording anyway, and it was really fun, but I already had somewhere to stay and he had his whole crew with him. We didn’t end up making anything in the end, but he’s a character, as we say in England. The riff at the beginning of “Noise Above Our Heads” I think sounds a little bit Malibu. But in terms of your headspace or your well-being, it’s like just doing the things you enjoy more of the time and standing up for yourself, saying how you really feel, eating things that make you feel good, not eating things that make you feel bad. I'm 27, so I probably should have learned them a little bit younger.And that’s I think because I’m kind of known for something. Last night we did twenty minutes of house music explorations of shit. I was worried that it would come off as, “Hey, I’m going to have Kanye West on my album! If you just put his name in a headline, you’ll get more of them. If you go on the Internet now it makes it seem like you guys were sleeping in bunk beds and wearing matching pajamas. Like, “I don’t think I am with you.”Do you feel like the L. Kind of like the scenes that didn’t make it on the record as well, they sound like Malibu. Maybe then I wouldn’t have made such depressing music.

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