Who is heather headley dating

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That Andrea Bocelli is performing in Atlanta on Valentine’s Day seems like some sort of gift from Eros.The Italian tenor, blind since his teenage years, is an international superstar whose albums have names such as “Romanza,” “Passione” and “Amore.” His soaring songs are swoon-worthy, especially when coupled with his robust handsomeness.I pack in the carbs but avoid tomatoes (I suffer from acid reflux) and dairy. 5.30pm Eat in my dressing-room then finish warming-up.7pm The wigs and dresses arrive, then I'm on stage non-stop until the interval.

HH: Yeah, because if I’m stuck on a remote island, of course they have Wi-Fi… Not necessarily to me, but I just don’t want any off-colour anything… And yeah, sometimes I race through it, but people say such sweet things… But I get up in the morning and I think, OK, what are we going to say, because I don’t really have time to do anything else during the day. I don’t think I’m capable of singing calypso or being in Soca Monarch… HH: Yes, she does, and I think that’s what I heard her do at one point, and it kind of twirled by head! And that’s what I try to explain to people, hence my whole pigeon hole problem.

Bocelli will perform Tuesday at Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, along with longtime musical friend and Broadway star Heather Headley and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Here is what he had to say: Q: You’re performing on Valentine’s Day, which seems fitting given the romantic nature of your songs.

Last week, the song stylist took some time to conduct an interview via email (he prefers this because of the language barrier and difference in time zones between the U. But will you do anything different or special to acknowledge the occasion during your show?

8am Pancakes and bacon with apple and elderflower juice at the flat I'm staying in while doing The Bodyguard.

It's a really aerobic show and my doctor wants me to eat every two hours because I lose weight so easily.

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