Who is delta goodrem dating now 2016

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But when former rugby star Tim came in for his session, the former Neighbours star immediately kissed him, before saying: 'I want him to loosen up and feel effortless.''Is anyone feeling the extra intimacy in Delta's session with Tim? Throughout the segment, the pair sat rather close to each other and often smiled flirtatiously.It was otherwise an emotional night on The Voice Australia, which saw Claire Howell perform alongside the likes of Judah Kelly, Berni Harrison and Hoseah Partsch.She shows no sign of sadness as we talk about the disease (on the contrary, she smiles throughout) and breaks off halfway through the interview to apologise, laughing: "I'm sorry if I'm getting too intense for you."The thing is," she says, "I had to get better and shut everything out. Hodgkin's is serious and I don't want to be dismissive about it, but there are people who have gone through much worse and lost their lives to cancer."Even so, it is clear that Goodrem suffered a great deal during her intensive treatment. I had all the nausea tablets and drugs to counteract the effects of other tablets.

Delta's posts also fueled the gossip, with numerous videos on her Instagram story showing Hugh visibly close by.But three days before she was due to go, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease - cancer of the lymphatic system. '"She is determined not to be considered a special case.Such an understated response seems typical of Goodrem, who has never complained about her illness. "I talk about my illness but I never know if the person I'm speaking to has actually had someone lose their life through cancer.The pair reportedly grew close while filming for all to see.“I said to her [Delta], 'Oh he fancies you' and she said, 'No he doesn't, no he doesn't'. Stevie Wonder could see that',” he told Kyle and Jackie O recently.

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