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New England came out with some total gems in the first half of the 20th century.Among my my favorite thrift store finds is a seemingly woodcut print by no other than Leonard Baskin titled “The Funeral”.“Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Leonard Baskin was an accomplished sculptor, book illustrator, printmaker, and publisher of fine-press books.He attended the New York University School of Architecture and Applied Arts and studied at Yale for two years.Her first novel is about two women who are dared into finding true love on the Internet.It's not too different than how Cain met her own partner, Lainey, on Match.com, a leading dating resource for singles that is friendly towards the LGBT community.Leonard Baskin’s The Funeral features a horse-drawn funerary cart followed by a procession of black-garbed mourners.Baskin created a similar scene on a thirty-foot long bas-relief sculpture for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D. The memorial was authorized in 1955 but not made until 1994.

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The Xihuashan intrusion was emplaced at the same time as the widespread 165–150 Ma I-type and A-type granites and syenites of the Nanling region, following the initiation in adjacent areas of intraplate basaltic activity, gabbros, bimodal volcanic rocks, and A-type granites from 190 to 165 Ma.

In 1942 Baskin founded the Gehenna Press, which was one of the first fine art presses in the United States.

Bodies of the deceased are often transported to their places of burial in funeral processions.

After a month of online chat and email, Cain met Lainey over a cup of coffee and it was "love at first sight." Five years ago, they married in Canada so nobody could take their marriage away.

Cain shares her grief in tears as we discuss the recent ban of gay marriage in California.

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