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Obviously, there are some disadvantages to living here, chief among them cultural.I have few opportunities to experience large cultural events in Iowa (though there are many interesting small ones) and cultural trends often take a very long time to reach here.At various points, readers have seemed quite surprised to find out that I live in Iowa and that I can see cornfields in two directions from the back porch of the house I’m about to buy.By sheer numbers, many more people live in urban environments than live in an environment like this, and many of those can’t even living in such an area.

Despite his ambition and good intentions, everything seems to go wrong when he's around, despite the best efforts of ...

Hasn't Hollywood already gotten enough comedians cross-dressing?

Don't these men have something better to do than ...

It's okay to laugh at Jamie Foxx, and see that he's making fun of preconceived notions about Obama and others.

Foxx knows that Obama isn't going to suddenly change into the "ultra-black" president instead of the "white-Bama" he was for his first four years in office.

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