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So I figured why not update it, should be a simple process and something I should be able to do in a couple of minutes.After scavenging the Dell website for hours I literally found nothing useful.But anyway, I decided to download the repository manager and just see what I could get done.So I created a repository for the R610 and figured it would be nice to have the Server Update Utility combined with the Patches. After waiting for a couple of minutes I finally managed to start exporting the ISO.Yes I found a Windows update package but it won’t run, it craps out with an “this update package is not compatible…” error.So I figured why not try to download a bootable ISO that contains all the firmware for a Dell R610…. After another hour I figured out I needed to download the Dell Server Update Utility.This new method of activation in Windows 10 ties your product key to your hardware, meaning once you’ve upgraded from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to Windows 10, you will no longer have to input your product key each time you wish to install Windows 10.

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We do have to learn how to say it without offending the other person and still getting what we want.If you get this type of “Yes” it means the question was superfluous.Instead, you should just move on and start doing things. Wow, great, now let’s find some guys to spread the word about it. This “Yes” goes well with a cup of the and some biscuits.I was experiencing some issues with one of my Dell R610 servers.(Fans never spin down.) After doing some research I noticed people suggested it was due to bad firmware of i DRAC Express.

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