Validating email password on blackberry

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The tool has recently been upgraded to improve performance and include the validation of Active Sync accounts.

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All I do is put in his email password and that's it, it validates and emails come pouring in.

Black Berry support agents can't reset the password for a Black Berry ID.

If you're sure you've entered all information correctly and you still can't reset your password using this method, you may need to create a new Black Berry ID.

In the event you are having trouble setting up a new account on a Black Berry smartphone or Black Berry Play Book tablet, you can use the Email Account Validation Tool (EAVT) to help identify and verify your account and server settings.

After entering your email address and password into EAVT, this tool will try and discover if the target domain (AKA your email account) has any mail and/or PIM (personal information manager) delivery capabilities based on industry standards, including Active Sync, IMAP, POP, SMTP, Card DAV and Cal DAV.

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