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The fourth-generation i Pod Nano is the thinnest player Apple has ever made, at just 0.2 inches thick.

It returns to the portrait orientation of the first two generations of the Nano, while preserving the same screen size as last year's third-generation model.

With simple, intuitive features and 4.03 second chip card transaction, your customers will never see their check-out experience the same.

Learn More Genius is cloud-based so new payment types, regulatory changes, industry updates and feature enhancements are seamlessly delivered to every device.

The accelerometer is also used for a new "Shake to shuffle" feature, which senses when you shake your player, and automatically enters the shuffle mode.

Help i Devices Easily Get in or out of Recovery Mode with One Click Feel troublesome to enter i Devices Recovery Mode?

Now with i OSBoot Genius, you can easily do that when i Devices are connected to computer.

You’ll be shown a dialog explaining the process of turning off the Genius feature and asking for confirmation.

Note that any Genius playlists already in your library will be preserved, but will be transformed into normal playlists as part of this process.

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