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What it is about: a Ukrainian girl initiates correspondence with you, sends you few letters (usually from 3 to 6) and then you receive a letter from a "translation agency" saying that the girl was paying them for translations, but her account is closed now, as she cannot afford paying anymore. This scam is usually pulled by Ukrainian scammers from Lugansk.If you wish to continue correspondence, now YOU pay. We almost never see Russians pull translation scams. If you met a girl directly on some site, you should continue correspondence either through that site or email. NO legitimate translation agency will ever use tricks like that.I decided to go with the comedy approach to my profile and ‘About Me’ section, filling the space with witty little one-liners that were easy to understand on both sides of the ocean.My profile pictures were funny ones – ones of me either dressed up or pulling a silly face.It is exactly as if someone had made fun making a blacklist of rich men who went to prostitutes in the United States.The basic idea is the same, sex and money is used to attract attention and visits. Once the main fear expressed is dissipated all the conditions are conducive to the sale of the service. The results are obtained thanks to the interest of journalists for Russian brides’ crooks.

Harper is lead investigator for Russia PI™—a wholly owned subsidiary of Wymoo International, a Florida-based professional private investigation company specializing in international background checks and due diligence.

By her own admission, the director explains that the list has its limits.

Anyone can make an update of the site, there is no control.

This is a list to manipulate you, working on your instincts unhealthy curiosity.

For journalists it seems a reliable way to convey information about degrading women from Eastern Europe.

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