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“Some women never learned to communicate about their pleasure and don’t have the comfort or vocabulary to convey what they want in bed,” explains Van Kirk.To tell if she’s into it, rely on her body language instead.By nature of being a woman, you have a keen intuition, so you'll feel any kind of distancing on a visceral level pretty quickly. Before the days of e-mailing, texting, IMing, and Facebooking, if you didn't hear from your boyfriend for a day or two, it wasn't the end of the world (or your relationship).And unless you're an overly suspicious or insecure person — you know who you are! But now that communication is so easy and instant, it's usually a sign he's not fully invested.However, just as none of us died from swimming too soon after eating, we also don’t need to fear truth—we need to embrace it.The Problem With Truth: The problem isn’t that truth isn’t accessible—in fact, I maintain that we are surrounded by it.

If that’s the case, why doesn’t she just tell you what she needs to get her over the edge?Experts analyzed recent dating trends to define a whole new set of relationship rules to guide you along. But experts now know that it's almost as important not to hang out with him every so often.Some of them may indicate that your romance is on rocky ground, while others can prove it's totally rock solid.1. "When you take time away from each other, it gives you both the opportunity to collect new thoughts, new stories, and new ideas to share," says Jennifer Oikle, Ph D, dating coach for Coupling Connection.Approach Problems Together – Couples feel closer and are more satisfied with their relationships when they approach problems and difficulties as a team.Couples who take an US versus the PROBLEM, rather than a YOU versus ME approach to conflict are much happier in the long run.

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