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The pooled data showed that the substances truckers used most frequently while on the road were alcohol, amphetamines ('speed'), cannabis, and cocaine.

The use of booze and drugs among truck drivers on the road is common, but seems to be mainly linked to poor working conditions, finds a systematic analysis of the available evidence published online in An accompanying editorial describes the research findings as "a cause for concern," not only in terms of the impact on drivers' health, but also because of the risk posed to road safety.She met me for coffee not long after joining Stitch and showed me a 90-page dossier she had prepared for me.She wanted me to truly understand how the scammers worked.However, drivers are nonetheless expected to cover 125,000 miles every year; that is roughly 2,500 miles a week, which means that a driver will have to be behind the wheel of their truck for 500 miles every day, in a small, noisy cab, sometimes in harsh weather conditions and bumper-to-bumper traffic.Despite rules on how many miles a driver can log and mandated breaks after the 70-hour mark, many truckers take on extra shifts for the overtime pay.

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