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This way if you’re away for the holidays, you can wish your loved ones Happy New Year, make changes to your travel if there’s a snowstorm or call to order that last minute gift from virtually anywhere over a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.Easily forward home phone calls to up to four devices, like your smartphone, with the advanced call forwarding feature through the app, so if you’re at your family’s for the week or heading to the mall, you won’t miss an important call. ” “You have 1 unread message from your secret crush! I ignored some, replied “STOP” to others, and even tried calling back in the vain hope of confronting my tormentors. I’ve long known not to click the links in spam emails, but 10 years of spam-free cellphone ownership had lulled me into complacency when it came to texts. Every buzz meant another text message charge on my bill. As I belatedly realized, a reply of any kind confirms to cellphone spammers that they’ve reached a working number—which they can then sell to other spammers. ’ ” says Mike Reading, Cloudmark’s director of technology for the Americas. To end reply STOP.” Annoyed, I typed “STOP” and hit send. “Six months ago, when I would tell people I work for an anti-spam company and work on mobile spam, they’d all wonder, ‘What’s mobile spam?

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