Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating

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TCNs accumulate at the Earth’s surface and so provide a chronology of exposure (Siame 2008).

TCNs can also be used to determine rates of erosion, and multiple nuclides with different half-lives can be used to date the deep burial of materials (e.g., in caves where the materials are cut off from cosmic radiation).

The scaling factors of Stone (2000), Dunai (2000), and Desilets et al.

(2003, 2006) more accurately represent the scaling of cosmogenic nuclide production rates with latitude and elevation, but the increased sophistication of these methods is an obstacle to their widespread use.

The method is applicable in the time range of 10 years and at variable lithologies.

Determination of denudation rates In case of steady erosion TCN concentration within the rock is approaching a secular equilibrium.

The faster is the denudation the lower is the equilibrium level.

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