Spinsters guide to dating

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Think Grease but without any of the erotic subtext or teen pregnancy. And it riles me because dating in 2012 is irritatingly similar.Being a feminist and playing the dating game are not wholly compatible.et’s say you’re checking out someone who just might be your soul mate.Maybe a friend sent you a link to this person’s Facebook page after you agreed to be set up on a blind date, or perhaps you were matched up via an online dating site.tags: 1901, books, dating, from the hilarious to the sobering, marriage, men are from mars, men are toadstools...or are they mushrooms, myrtle reed, relationships, sexual politics, spinsters, team badrep goes charity shopping, the more you know, the spinster book, this is more "history is tragic" than "history is awesome" but anyway, women are from venus This was going to be a very light and fluffy post, raising an arched eyebrow at an interesting find, but over the course of writing this article I made some discoveries which made it seem less of a frippery. Let’s start at the beginning: I was browsing in a charity shop when I found a 1901 book (okay, fine, the 1903 reprint) with the incredible name The Spinster Book. It’s all lavender and embossing and gold leaf and a looking-glass (wonderfully implying ‘it could be YOU’).Serious serial dating is, after all, a relatively new phenomenon. “Casually” meaning they’d go get ice cream in groups.Not “casually” meaning they’d sleep with each other until someone decided to try to DTR.

The most beautiful books since illuminated manuscripts. *cough* Excuse me, I seem to have bibliophiled all over the place).

When telling a group of friends I have a date with someone, the immediate response is usually ‘Where’s he taking you?

’ as though this potential beau doubles up as my carer.

Man’s interest in himself is purely altruistic and springs from an unselfish desire to please.” – Chapter 1, Notes on Men Hannah reading in front of a rainbow flag " data-medium-file="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/z-spinster-022.jpg? It could be YOOOU.’ There’s also a lingering assumption throughout this book that both parties are playing a pretty nasty game of chess: “He who would win a woman must challenge her admiration, prove himself worthy of her regard, appeal to her sympathy – and then wound her.

fit=300,225&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/z-spinster-022.jpg? fit=1024,768&ssl=1" class="size-medium wp-image-9948" src="https://i1com/ resize=300,225" alt="Hannah reading in front of a rainbow flag. She is never wholly his until she realises that he has the power to make her miserable as well as to make her happy, and that love is an infinite capacity for suffering.” – Chapter 4, The Lost Art of Courtship (Also: lucky girl. For example, the final sentence of the ‘love letters’ chapter is “So the old love letters bring happiness after all – like the smile which sometimes rests upon the faces of the dead.” So, yes, I was unsure what to make of this tone.

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