Speed dating scenes in movies

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Albert: You know, honestly, I never knew I could feel like this. I, I see a cab and I just wanna dive in front of it because then I'll stop thinking about her. Because this -- this right here -- this is exactly why falling in love is so goddamn hard! It's like I want to throw myself off of every building in New York. But, on the other hand, should that be your problem? And if that wasn't clear enough, there's always the "**** off" that you have stamped on your forehead. I want -- (gestures at speed dating scene) I want everybody to take a look at this right now. Christian Grey Speed Dating, shared by the You Tube account Cow Clown, shows a cartoon version of the BDSM enthusiast meeting a string of women - and not getting very far.“I think you should right up-front, my tastes are very… I’m into weird sex stuff,” he tells one woman, who - needless to say - isn’t very impressed.“Did I mention I’m a billionaire? Created by Richard Park and Steven Haas, the cartoon makes light of the character’s rather self-absorbed attitudes.He’s played in the movies by Jamie Dornan, and speculation has recently fired up that a version of the story from his perspective - named Grey, previously released as a book - could also be made into a movie.Talk started when Marcia Gay Harden said she would be interested in reprising the role of Christian’s mother.

"I think it's a really hard town to meet other people in," said Katrina Setzer, owner and co-founder of singles group Tucson Fun & Adventures Inc.

Perlman and Squibb play Carol’s girlfriends, and Elliott’s character, her new love interest.“(Making the movie) did make me think of getting old,” said Perlman, 67.

“It’s a frightening thing but there was so much positive coming out of the film, and watching (the Royal Oaks community), I felt like everybody was happy and thriving.

So did several other single and married residents of Royal Oaks, a continuing care retirement community.

But it was all in good fun and gave some residents their 15 minutes of fame.

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