Setool2 lite v1 11 main file updating failed backdating planing

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Added: GT-B7300C support (direct unlock/imei) smart algo for all known version - First in the world via USB cable only GT-i8000N support (direct unlock/imei) smart algo for all known version - First in the world via USB cable only GT-i8000T support (direct unlock/imei) smart algo for all known version - First in the world via USB cable only GT-b7610N support (direct unlock/imei) smart algo for all known version - First in the world Cable manual for i8000 and B7300 pcb rev: B (without rx tx on pcb). Download Data from support 1.sofware/samsung box/ 2. * Finally we got personally success with newest versions of CT810 lg phones so from now all old and new versions are supported as well aka ("I" and "X" versions) Furious MTK KEYGEN v1.0.0.40 RELEASED ! NOW WE SUPPORT FOLLOWING MODELS: (NO INTERNET/NO LOGS/TOTALLY FREE) SFR 114 SFR 231 SFR 232 SFR 341 SFR 342 Orange Vegas Vodafone Indie X760 X761 X960 GX760 GX761 T-Mobile Vairy Touch C701 C707 C717 MD01 (Mandarina Duck) MD02 (Mandarina Duck) V670 M298 EL03 PLAYBOY S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 MISS SIXTY S853 C820 C825 V770 ELLe BF3/BF4 C552BF/C750/***1/***3 Kulankendi Box Ver 2.62 Laptop BIOS service password code/string generator added KKMC Ver 2.62 - Option ICON 2 - GTM378 (SJ) as beta test added - Added support for ZTE MF636 - Laptop BIOS service password code/string generator added * Fuitsu-Siemens/Compaq/HP Phoenix based * 1. Added: - GU230 full support (Flashing, Reading, Reading Codes, Direct Unlock) - GB280 full support (Reading Codes, Direct Unlock) first in the world (Flashing, Reading) for test Fixed: - connection on low speed port settings Black Bery Multi-Unlock Dongle Adds Alcatel Support ALCATEL FREE UPDATE Calculate correct unlock code, no connection is needed, calculation is by IMEI number Sported Alcatel Models: S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 S853 V670 S215 S218 S319 S320 S321 S520 S853 V670 V770 C700 C701 C707 C717 V770 C820 C825 C700 C701 C707 C717 V770 C820 C825 mandarina duck Miss Sixty Playbox Elle N3 B331 E101 FLIP OT203 OT203a OT280 OT303 OT363 OT383 OTV570 OT660 OT660x OT708 OT800 I650 S621x VM621i Vodafone 331 MX-KEY - FREE BB5 simlock RPL v3.3 revision 1.3, Public-Release - Added, FREE Universal BB5 SIMLOCK RPL Maker (Possible to UNLOCK or LOCK to spesific provider) - Added, Manage SIM option (Used to Read or Write 'Simlock.bin' file to be used to make customized SIMLOCK RPL) - Fixed, HWC write bug - Minor bug fixes Microbox New Big Update On last Aio Software take it and enjoy New Big update on microbox sorry for delay we was want to give for all our users best for them . pw1..7) for ALL BB5 RAPv3 and RAPIDO phones (including 9ddb new hash, together PA_SL1 and PA_SL2 phones) - Unlocking Method is now being selected before unlock - Added BB5 RPL Calc for PA_SL1 phones (using server) for Simlock Repair - Few changes with BB5 booting, minor bugfixes, cosmetic changes, etc !! TELCELL MEXICO) CAN'T BE UNLOCKED USING NCK, THIS CASE USE FREE RPLS. Now will read codes for all Omnia firmware versions included modified ones LG 3G Easy Unlocker (v2.19) * Improved boot read operations.Keep on top of your profession and utilise your unlocking equipment to it's full potential. Please note: We are aware of some probs on Artemis and Excalibur omap devices. QMobile-E200 and QMobile-E400 models supported .backup file save functionality improved .firmware database updated Also, two models especially for Pakistaan market added in supported models list: QMobile-E200 and QMobile-E400 E400 flash file already uploaded in support area, E200 flash file will be uploaded in nearest time.SAG DD Sagem EG_V14.6 released Added support for phones with new boot! Blackberry all Mep codes displayed see below: Phone IMEI: 49053*******580 Model: Blackberry Storm SIM Code .......: 7302682041652686 .. This will be addressed and fixed on the next update newt week. QMobile-E200_TINNO25_08B_GEMINI_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00. E808 _PR1_V5_0_PAKISTAN_En_Urdu_Ar QMobile-E400_TINNO25_GEMINI_PCB01_GPRS_MT6225_S00. E400-PK_FM_V7_2009-05-26_En_Ar Advance turbo Flasher New Beta Version 3.0 Released UNLOCK & REPAIR * Can Repair Super dongle key of SL1, SL2, Sl3 * Can Repair Sim Lock Data of SL1, SL2 * Can Remove Simlock Via Codes of SL1, SL2, * Can Remove Simlock for so called "SL3" (New RAPIDO) * 5800d (RM-356) - v31.0.008 - v30.0.011 - v31.0.101 * 6790s-1c (RM-492) * 6790s-1b (RM-599) * E63 (RM-437) - v4 * E71 (RM-346) - v4 * N96 (RM-247) - v30.033 - v30.101 More Stable BB5 FBUS Flashing (Support New PROTOCOL) and fix some flashing bugs as reported by users in previous version now software will be more stable Furious Update SAGEM_INFINEON_BETA_v1.0.0.3075 - [X] FIXED UNLOCK FOR MY230V(X)/MY225. [X] ADDED REPAIR FILES FOR 226V, MY230V(X), MY231 (NON BT). [X] ADDED UNLOCK SUPPORT FOR MY231 (NON BT) [X] RESTRUCTURED SUPPORTED MODELS LIST LGKE_BETA_v1.0.0.3734 - [X] FIXED KM500/KM501 FLASHING BUG (AFTER UNLOCK-FLASH PHONES HANGED IN STARTUP LOGO) [X] FIXED KS360 CODE READING FOR SOME FIRMWARE VERSIONS [X] ADDED GD330/GD335 FLASH READ/WRITE, EEPROM WRITE, IMEI REPAIR, UNLOCK [X] ADDED LG G410G (TI LOCOSTO) FLASH READ/WRITE, EEPROM WRITE, IMEI REPAIR, UNLOCK - BETA TEST [X] ADDED CODE READING SUPPORT FOR FOLLOWING MODELS: GM310, GB250, GB255, GC900, GD900, GW520, GW525, TE56X/GT36X, GD510, GD510GO NOTE: FOR GM310, GB25X, TE56X/GT36X UPDATE PHONE WITH LATEST FW VERSION BEFORE ENTERING UNLOCK CODE ELSE FAULTS SUCH AS BLUE-RED-YELLOW SCREEN AFTER UNLOCK CAN APPEAR. MT Motomagx v1.1 - Flash release Flash and change language option added Original Motorola SBF files supported Added phone boot downgrade warning message Now can write custom made software and make your Motorola phone as one FTP server - please note this because in next update we will add one very interesting option User manual updated Octopus 1.1.5 - LG BL42k, GM750h, GD580 and KC910Qa added We are happy to present you with Octopus update v. With this update we have implemented world's first support for LG BL42k, GM750h and GD580 models!

Improve sound and/or camera, better menus, sounds etc. 1.07" Far Manager has a DOS-like GUI, so it's very familiar to most of us. Check the line: FLASH CID detected: That's your CID. I don't like to provide direct links, so I will show you where are located and what files to download.Read/Write/Full Erase operations are supported - Uploaded new Live logs in to the Support Area - Made improvements in Help and Pinout viewer - All pinouts and repair procedures are described in the manual (Help button in the software) Z3X-BOX Samsung Update. - MTK Flash Engine upated Fixed Nokia 105 support ( broken in 2.27 ) Other improvements and fixes WARNING latest Nokia phones NOT allow downgrade SW version anymore!!! If you got Contact Service after flashing - then it mean you donwgrade phone! - NXP flash engine updated Enabled HW revision check in DEAD mode flashing for Nokia X, Nokia XL Feature prevent cross-flashing from v2 to v1 and vice versa. 103A 103X 106X 203A 203EX 203X 206X 222A 222X 280X 303A 303X 360A 363A 363X 383A 383X 600A 600X 660A 660X 708A 708X 800A 800X B331X BF31C BF31W BF32W BF41L BF41M BF41W BF42L BF51G BG31A BG31C BG31G BG31L BG31P BG32A BG32C BG32G BG32L BG33C BG33G BG33L BG34C BG34G BG34L BG35C BG36C BH41I BH41S BH41V BL11A BL11D BL12D C551A C551X C552A C552X C652A C652X C700A C701A C701X C707X C717A C717X C750A C750X C820A C825X C***1 C***2 EL03A EL03X EL05A EL05X F0Z9X F330X F331X I650A I650X KR01A KR01X M298X MD01X MD02X MS01A MS01X PB01A PB01X S215A S218X S319A S319X S320X S321A S520A S520X S521A S521X S621X S626A S626X S853A S853X S860X ***1V ***2V ***3V ***4V TH41V TH42A TH42V V570A V570X V607A V670A V670X V770A V770X Zte online calculator module: Easy unlocker Zte online (1.1): *Unlimmited unlock for all premium users with minimum credits quantity in account *Added SFR114 ZTE phone to the list of supported phones Samsung 3G QCOM Easy Unlocker Online Code Reader (v1.11) Improved reading operations for Qualcomm phones Fixed bug reading for some 16 GB firmware versions. Raised credits cost Reduced some models cost to unlimmited unlock for premium users Here is list of supported models (alphabetical order).

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