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Sarah Beeny has graced television screens across the UK and beyond for almost a decade on the buying, selling and flipping houses, and even taking on a restoration project that would have even the most experienced property experts running for the hills – a grade II* listed building.Perhaps most well-known for property related television shows in the UK – how did it all start? She has four sons, owns an internet dating site and hires out her stately home for weddings.My parents lived in the middle of nowhere and were self-sufficient.

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If there were vegetables to be dug, you weren’t allowed to lie in bed.

As the property markets have changed over the years, do you find yourself avoiding projects now that you would have taken on a few years ago?

In this industry, changes in the market are an unavoidable thing and something that I have come to anticipate.

We had goats and were supposed to drink the milk but I didn’t like it, so my parents made cheese.

I didn’t like that either, so they froze it and we had chest freezers full of goat’s cheese no one ate.

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