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It's the best way to make sure you get my undivided attention.. From an early age I knew that I was different than other boys. It was confusing as time went on, as I often times felt like a girl, and yet I also liked girls.Later on it became even more confusing, as I discovered that I also liked boys.The largest brown bears are located in the coastal regions of British Columbia and Alaska.

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Brown bears typically reside in the mountain and forest regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.

During this time, brown bears can eat up to 90 pounds in one day.

These bears need to acquire almost double their body weight in order to survive a four to seven-month long hibernation.

Our salmon flies are tied to an exceptionally high standard on a wide range of hooks and are constructed to ensure that they are not only exceptionally robust but swim as beautifully as they look.

The finished flies are close to being identical to those represented in the pictures on our website.

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