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Even by Dickens’ caricatured standards, Compeyson is not made to be particularly subtle here, but he is enjoyably malicious. None more so than Scrooge’s reference to Marley’s Ghost; a joke that hits exactly the spot that the whole show aims for but doesn’t always hit (a wink somewhere between the referential and the playful).

But there’s also nice little touches like Mrs Biggetywitch’s bitching and sniping about the wedding, Mrs Gamp scamming her way to more free gin, the Bumbles and their dysfunctional, barely functional marriage, Bill and Nancy having a picnic on a bench, and Tiny Tim getting to be adorable.

Also at the HQ is Tony (Anthony Calf, New Tricks), a fence-sitter and veteran ‘survivor’ of Tory party politics.

The film, which has had a smattering of screenings in the UK prior to a VOD platform, is worth checking out.

Its tale of stuttering and stumbling love may well be a familiar one, but this Porthcawl set film is genuinely engaging and watchable, thanks to a large degree to the innate charm of lead actress Laura Haddock (who starred in ).

Following the success of their 2015 election comedy return to Channel 4 with a six-part satire lampooning the fictional communications and social media ‘experts’ on both sides of the EU referendum, as well as taking audiences a few doors down from the Kremlin and into the imagined world of Donald Trump’s campaign plane.

Archie Panjabi () will play Preeya, a careerist Tory who flits between being pro and anti-Brexit, depending on who she wants to impress within the party.

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