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Actress Stefanie Powers, best known for starring in the TV show "Hart to Hart," has written a memoir, "One From the Hart," looking back at her road to fame and her nearly decade-long relationship with actor William Holden. The first time I saw William Holden in the flesh was at a New Year’s Eve party given by Dominick Dunne and his wife, Lennie.The Dunnes gave their party every other year, and it was the New Year’s Eve party to go to.And there's that persistent rumor that the same thing happened on The Splendor that night with Christopher Walken, which prompted the drunken Natalie to try to get off the boat- with tragic results. Going from a bright eyed grinning recruit to an empty shell shocked veteran in the Army hospital audience. He was certainly handsome enough in his prime, that's for sure.

Perhaps Jeff was prepared to put out and let an old man slobber over him .... My friend didn't even realize Wagner was probably interested in him until I told him about the rumors. RJ lived with the much older Clifton Webb and his mum when he was just starting out in Hollywood. He was also one of Henry Willson's clients early in his career. In his book, RJ tells a story of Webb introducing him to Noël Coward at a party at Coward's house, and towards the end of the evening, after all the guests had gone, Coward made a pass at him, but RJ declined. Yeats ago (in the 70s) there was a book about gay life in Kansas City that mentioned Wagner being out and about at some of the upscale gay bars in the city. In fact, he was a bit macho and controlling of the women in his company. Also, Lana Wood is so angry with him I think she might have outed him as gay or bi by now. It was Lana who told her about Natalie catching RJ fucking their butler.

Dominick and Lennie created such a comfortable atmosphere that literally behind every potted palm was a recognizable face.

Every so often, my friend Moss Mabry, a costume designer, would call to invite me out, first asking, “Are you involved with a man, dear? ” We would laugh and then go to some fabulous party he wanted to attend. Moss had gone for drinks, and I was standing alone. He said, “Hi, Bill Holden.” I somehow made a sound that resembled speaking and said my name.

An autopsy determined that Wood’s death was an accident by drowning and hypothermia, several facts surrounding her death have consistently been called into question, and last November the homicide investigation was re-opened when a worker on the ship told reporters that a fight between Wood and Wagner led to her death, a notion deeply troubling to Courtney. John Corina, Wagner was interviewed by authorities soon after Wood’s drowning in 1981, but the actor is the only person who was on the yacht the night Wood died who has not spoken to detectives as part of the latest inquiry, despite repeated requests and attempts.

The detective’s remarks provided new insight into the case that has remained one of Hollywood’s enduring mysteries.

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