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Salvatore Lucania, also known as Charlie Lucky, was obviously a very important man in the underworld.Ergo, he should be able to help secure the cooperation of the waterside workers to aid any intelligence operations.

Luciano’s conviction was so dodgy in fact, that in a memo dated April 18th 1946, R. Rosen Assistant Director of the FBI, stated: ‘......There have been lots words written about it, in a number of different books, with the basic premise something along these lines: The New York Harbour, the biggest and most important in the USA, and the staging post for any future American involvement in World War Two, was at risk from Nazi attacks, both overt and subvert.The eyes and ears needed to aid Naval intelligence services were the dock workers and fishermen, and everyone knew that the mob controlled the waterfront, and Luciano, a.k.a.Louis’ gangland, describing wars, hits, murders, and alliances that occurred in the city from the 1900s up until now.Any feedback, comments, or extra information are much appreciated by Puparo. By Puparo St Louis based brothers Tipton The brothers Herman Tipton, Roy Tipton and Ray Tipton St Louis gang leader Edward “jelly Roll” Hogan St Louis police officer Edward J Hogan sr.

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