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Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and more beloved Muppets characters crashed the San Diego Comic-Con panel for their upcoming ABC sitcom, “The Muppets." The audience was first treated to never-before-seen test footage that the creators pitched, which introduced the show’s hyper-meta concept.

The “mockumentary”-style show, “The Office," follows the gang behind-the-scenes of Miss Piggy’s late-night talk show, “Up Late with Miss Piggy.” Everyone has their role: Kermit the Frog, executive producer; Fozzie Bear, on-air sidekick; the Swedish Chef, craft services.

Over the past couple of years I've been increasingly surprised at the number of friends and acquaintances who have used online dating agencies.

Most of my surprise is probably a product of the fact that I met my wife before the internet became the all-encompassing behemoth that it is today, where we do everything from buy cars to watch television. As it does with so many other activities, the internet provides the perfect market place, bringing together millions of people to a neutral point where they can meet, greet, buy and sell.

"Rowell and her characters truly get what it means to be out of college, growing up, and in a 'real' job for the first time," the librarians say.

"Plus, you'll get an understanding of what all those Gen-Xers were going through around the turn of the millennium." "Beijing Bastard," Wang's memoir about finding her identity in New York after moving from China, is "a funny, fresh coming-of-age story" that is sure to connect with soul-searchers in their 20s, the librarians say.

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Fixie’s are associated with a young, hipster crowd; each individual rider identifies with other fixie riders because they ride the same bikes and a fixie culture is established.

Something new for The Boston Globe on the perils of online dating.

Long story short, people have a tendency to be misleading about their age, appearance and interests on the internet (shocking!

The social status attached to riding a fixie bike does not, alone, explain why consumers are willing to pay such hefty amounts of money for them.

The niche market theory provides further clarification: specific demand requirements such as price, quality, demographics, etc, dictate the need for a specialised market to materialise.

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