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Anyway, tell us what it's true because we are sick of all those lies you keep telling us.

walking around in some strange combination of gang banger/biker outfit..

Cecele Really Disappointed Paul has been busted on so many lies.

No drugs are bad just say no.did not say no to pot...right a lie.

I've heard things like ‘you can't put a number on love' and ‘the age of consent is 16 in California' and ‘who are you to judge'? Well, not that it matters, since we have a lot of laws specifically designed to do that judging for us, but I'm someone who was in a very similar situation.

American actor who began his career guest-starring in several television shows such as The Young and the Restless and Touched by an Angel.

Walker died in a single-vehicle collision on 30 November 2013 in Santa Clarita, California, aged 40, alongside friend Roger Rodas.

Born on September 12, 1973, the American actor Paul Walker began his professional acting career through minor roles in various television show before finally gaining recognition films like She’s All That and Varsity Blues.

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Nor that California men should need to hide such a relationship from public view in order to avoid felony charges and being locked away for decades in the for-profit prison-industrial complex.Paul’s great-grandfather Paul Walker was born in Wisconsin, the son of George Walker and Anna Augusta Tilley, who were from England, with Ann having been born in Clerkenwell, Middlesex.Harriett was born in Illinois, as was Harriett’s father, Charles Leon Willey (Charles’s parents were Ebenezer “Eben”/”Eban” Glover Willey and Ellen “Nellie” Augusta Hopkins); Paul’s great-great-grandfather Charles was of English descent, and his parents’ families had long been established in New England.UPDATE: For those of you suggesting that I'm wrong and Paul's behavior with Jasmine was okay because it was a one-time thing, meet Aubrianna Atwell, an ex-girlfriend of Paul's with whom he began a relationship when he was twenty-eight and she was…yup, sixteen.I've been getting a lot of heat from commenters lately who are upset that I pointed out the widely-reported seventeen year age difference between Paul Walker and his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.

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