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Under the circumstances it seems ironic that these women will shout to the whole wide world that they are strippers, yet they cannot even tell their own mothers.

This is a clear sign of them being ashamed of what they do.

I love your style of working where you do your setup yourself and not just telling people what you want. ” – Jackson / Australia “Hi Dan, I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s webinar with the gorgeous Melissa Mendini. Great job, looking forward for Live3 (inlove)” – Gregory “Thank you very much for your time, knowledge and energy to all of you, it was awesome experience..” – Guest 514 “I want to thank everyone for putting this together. “Dominika, Hanna, Dan, and off course the complete team, thank you so much. Also, thank you to all in the chat for the questions.” – Rainer_LB Dan has been a professional sexy women photographer for more than 15 years.

, in collaboration with six women, downtown dancers and performers (including World Famous *BOB * and Lady Rizo), and featuring the choreography of Faye Driscoll and Morgan Gould, certainly fits into her mold.

That said, live, nude models are being incorporated into art by many contemporary artists to much critical acclaim.

How can you properly say you are fighting for a cause that you are ashamed of?

The way they talk about themselves seems disrespectful and they use language which may be appropriate in their clubs, but in my opinion, is inappropriate in a serious negotiating room.

The fact that she is joking about herself in such a way is demeaning to her and other women engaged in the business of stripping.

Before she can get other people to respect her, she needs to get her priorities straight and to respect herself first.

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