Mpd not updating

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This specifies the user that MPD will run as, if set.

MPD should never run as root, and you may use this option to make MPD change its user id after initialization.

If the segment duration varies you could calculate an average based on the segments that you already downloaded and update on that interval.

You could also take a look at existing implementations such as JWPlayer or bitdash, which both support HLS and DASH.

And, of course, I use it to quick play files from external sources (like usb drives) – that was main goal. Control if MPD will follow symbolic links pointing inside the music dir, potentially adding duplicates to the database.You must recreate the database after changing this option. This specifies if a state file is used and where it is located.If for example minimum Update Period is 10 seconds you could update/re-download the MPD every 10 seconds and you should be fine.HLS does not contain a specific attribute for that (to the best of my knowledge - the draft changes) but you can update the M3U8 based on the segment duration, e.g., if the playlist contains segments with 10s you should update every 10s (every 10s a new segment could be available in case of a live stream).

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