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Home Destinations Small Groups Tours Beijing Xian Asia Tailor My Trip Trains Flights Customer Reviews. People born in love monkey dating Year of the Monkey have several common attitudes and characteristics when it comes to love mmonkey. The two usually square accounts in every detail in life.The active and optimistic personality always enhances their glamour. Ox brings a practical and sedate feeling to people. Dog ladies will give enough sense of security to their partner. Both of them are egocentric and full of leading desire.Opportunities for authenticity and intimacy show up all the time, but you’ll miss them if you succumb to your monkey-mind tendencies.Listen, when you consistently fail to seize those opportunities for connection, you’ll both end up feeling the distance and disconnection in your relationship, which I know isn’t what you ultimately want at all.In the world of social media, nothing’s more important than your profile pic. What your wear, how you smile, what kind of background you use—they all go into making you look your best.It’s the first thing that everyone sees, so having a good one will help you make a positive first impression. We’ve got top-tier tools and tips to help you shoot, edit, and post your best profile pic so you can make a splash on all your favorite social networks. Here are a few tips and tricks: When it comes to your profile pic on Facebook and other social networking sites, you’ve got a lot more leeway, since you’re not necessarily looking to land a job, a new client, a date, or a life partner.

As a fiction writer, she’s published two books, both available on Amazon through totally non-sketchy retailers.

Monkey Mind wreaks havoc on your ability to have a satisfying love-life—when you get carried off in a stream of thoughts, and you end up thinking about life as opposed to actually living it and enjoying it as it happens.

And that’s a real problem for your relationships because you lose connection to not just your own physical and emotional experience but also to everything that’s going on between you and your partner, live and in real-time.

Monkey Mind can even get in the way of your sex life, I think we can all agree that presence is key to a satisfying physical relationship, nobody wants their lover to be thinking about work or that they forgot to call mom when their about to get busy. Here are some common ways Monkey-Mind will distract you from the present moment: Notice that you’re future tripping, name it, and get it out of your head and either on to some paper or into your digital planner.

When presence is lacking, both parties can end up feeling alone, dissatisfied, confused, and blame themselves or each other for the sexual disconnect. If you need to make dinner reservations for your out of town guests, schedule some time do it, set a reminder, or stop scrolling through twitter and do it now.

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