Minecraft self updating version

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REMEMBER you can only do this for updates like bug fixes or new features. You can do this only for minor updates like bug fixes.If the minecraft version of MCreator changed with the update then don't do this, you will get errors. Simply copy "user", "mcp" and "mcskin3d" folders to temporary folder, extract new MCreator, copy folder back to it's folder and run If minecraft version of MCreator has changed while updaing, you should not do this. As awful as Java is and as prone to zero day exploits as it may be, it’s also the magic that drives Minecraft, for better or worse.Because of this, millions of people around the world who love Minecraft also have to love-hate Java and keep it installed on their system in order to play the game.

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We’ve written extensively about Java and the problems with the platform over the years; if you need a solid primer on why exactly Java is such a problem we’d strongly suggest reading over Java Is Awful and Insecure, It’s Time to Disable It, Here’s How.

As long as MCreator has only had a small update fixing bugs but NOT changing the minecraft version then you can keep your mods.

However, lets say a new update has come out, and it brings in 20 new features.

If we could have a minute or three of your time answering some questions, that would be great.

We are currently in the process of revamping this page. If there is an option to update it automaticaly, we will release the automatic updater a few days after the MCreator Minecraft version update.

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