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Olveston House, still owned by Martin and now run as a guesthouse by Margaret and her business partner, Bostonian Carol Osborne, hosted many of the studio's stars.

The setting is idyllic; rambling tropical gardens with views of the volcano and quaint English touches such as china cups and saucers when you take breakfast (homely bacon and eggs or thick, fluffy pancakes) on the vast verandah, which wraps around the house.

That was before Hurricane Hugo struck in 1989, forcing the studios to close, and the Soufrière Hills volcano that in 1995 began erupting sufficiently to render more than half the southern part of the island uninhabitable.

It destroyed the capital, Plymouth, and caused widespread evacuations (the population of Montserrat is now less than 5,000).

But the lives of the 11,000 islanders were about to change forever.

On 18 July 1995, the lush green Soufriere Hills, a favourite picnic site amid mango and breadfruit trees and thundering waterfalls, began to rumble and steam.

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By August 1997, the steam had given way to massive eruptions of magma, and Plymouth became buried by pyroclastic flows of red-hot ash, gas and rock, turning it into a modern-day Pompeii.

Montserrat studied Egyptology at Durham University, and subsequently took an MA and Ph D in Classics from University College London, specialising in Egyptian, Coptic, Greek and papyrology, to which he added a variety of modern languages, including Arabic.

His first job, from 1992, was as a lecturer in Classics at Warwick University, where he made of his office, a plain box in a bleak modern building, a peculiar Aladdin's cave, littered with antiquities and mysterious Eastern objects, invariably perfumed with exotic cologne and, despite university regulations, tobacco.

Hardly anyone on the island had been aware that the ring of peaks above Plymouth formed the rim of a still-active volcano.

These rolling hills just did not look the way a volcano is supposed to look.

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