Liquidating collectors plates

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The real crisis was the Uber was originally estimating that losses were running about 0 per car.

Instead, the real number was roughly ,000 per car!

Uber alone is on track to lose billion just in 2017 alone.

Multi billion dollar losses are just the price of admission into this burgeoning market.

At the time, postage stamps were printed fifty stamps to a sheet and the four stamps in a two-by-two block next to the sheet's serial number were called a plate block.

Plate blocks were rare because no one had ever thought to save them.

As expected, the numbers were grim as ride hailing services continue to steal customers and revenues from traditional car rental companies.

Collector Plates Collector plates may only be displayed on motor vehicles (except recreational) that are at least 20 model years old and manufactured after 1935.

Early in my teaching career, a student named Jon told me about an exciting investment.

All through high school, he had been collecting plate blocks of postage stamps.

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