Kyoko fukada dating

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It was reported that she may have rekindled a romance with an old flame, KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi (28).

"I think Koizumi-san is getting back together with Kamenashi-kun.

Could it possibly be that very formula that I mentioned?

It’s comfortable, it’s easy to follow and I kind of know where the story may be headed.

The 48 years old Kyoko Koizumi's professional life has been nothing but smooth sailing in recent years. She recently costarred in the phenomenally popular NHK morning drama Amachan(あまちゃん) and played a mother role to a 20 years old actress.

It seems she's also living a very full filling private life too.

(LOL) It can’t be simply that Kame is the lead in this one. He’s not on the same level as say…Takumi Saito, Hiroshi Tamaki or even Haruma Miura and even though most of these guys are older, it’s not by much – only 5 or 6 years, with Haruma being younger.They practiced the kiss close to ten times and the final reveal was a deep kiss that seem to stretch on forever.There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other.In 2002, she made an appearance in Dolls as Haruna.Fukada is also a J-pop singer and her debut single "The Last Fruit" led to her album Dear, both released in 1999.

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