Journal of software incremental updating algorithm

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Then,a new association rules incremental updating mining algorithm(IUM)is proposed.

Lastly,new association rules incremental updating mining algorithm(CIUM)is designed on the basis of cloud platform.

Most of the present update algorithms of association rules are devoted to solve the problem of incremental update,but seldom check the update moment simultaneously.

It is unsuitable to deal with the data in real time applications which are updated frequently.

The information gathered is often used by compilers when optimizing a program.

A canonical example of a data-flow analysis is reaching definitions.

Many existing algorithms mainly aim at the case of stationary information system or decision table,very little work has been done in updating of an attribute reduction.

Therefore,in this paper,the authors introduce an incremental updating algorithm for attribute reduction based on discernibility matrix in the case of inserting,which only inserts a new row and column,or deletes one row and updates corresponding column when updating the decernibility matrix.

A program's control flow graph (CFG) is used to determine those parts of a program to which a particular value assigned to a variable might propagate.

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After dynamically computing a core,attribute reduction can be effectively updated by utilizing the old attribute reduction.

Theoretical analysis shows that the algorithm of this paper is efficient and feasible.

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