Jewish dating service portland oregon

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This particular geography is key to understanding the lay of the Jewish land in Portland.

In fact, I was surprised to see how many Jewish women were at the church singles event.

The “Lost Tribe”—a mass of younger, less affluent, largely unaffiliated Jews who turned up in the Federation’s new census—can be found mainly in the city’s eastern half.

Hence, one major conclusion of the Federation’s census: Jewish leaders in the city need to begin more outreach, “especially on the east side,” the survey states, to engage this previously unknown, presently underserved mass of Jews.

These were women I knew from Jewish singles events who were going to church events for the same reason as I.

At this point in life, I think that if I am given the choice of having a good, permanent relationship with a man my own age, versus keeping my Judaism, at this point I would choose the man. What are the chances of a woman my age meeting a Jewish man in his early 40s?

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