Jennylee and nate dating

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They try to create characters.”FAKE BATTLES, REAL ROMANCESDern’s teammate, bikini model Cecille Gahr, was one such character.

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To the best of my knowledge, it’s going to be a clip show. A bunch of us are going to Las Vegas for a reunion. The network isn’t paying for the trip, so I don’t know who will be coming for sure. I know Nate will be there, Jennylee, Cece, Scooter…I don’t really know who will be going, but it should be a lot of fun.I think there are clips and outtakes from the whole season. We’re going to be as surprised as everyone else is. So you haven’t seen too many of the others since the production ended?We got to do a little bit of publicity in New York. And I saw Jennylee when we went down to LA to do some publicity after we were voted off. Yes, we did Reality Remix, the local news and a whole lot of phone interviews. Yeah, I’m getting excited that it all is winding down. I met the casting crew at a party at Ankur’s house, a friend of mine and told them what I was working on. How did it feel to be surrounded by cameras 24 hours a day?Not to mention, an improbable romance, both in season 3 and prior between two people who will probably never see each other again.Bt every once in a while a reality show comes along that knows what it's doing and it is hard to deny that despite itself, "Beauty" is crafted in a way that delivers some real laugh-out-loud moments.

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