Ip addresses not updating thru dyndns

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Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver adding incorrect character. Fixed DH485 driver losing communications after power cycle. Fixed alarm ticker flashing after alarm is accepted. Fixed gateway block settings reverting back to default values after data tag changes. Fixed importing of Allen Bradley CSV file causing crash. Fixed Modbus device gateway driver blocking direction.

Fixed Kadet 2s entering restart loop after database download. Fixed inability to change tag mapping to another module. Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Master not disabling Code 16 when writing Word as Long.

Hello everyone, I am wondering if anyone here using Optus NBN has managed to successfully configure Optus Vo IP on third party hardware?

I'm rather reluctant to have the clunky Optus router powered up just for voice.

Ideally, pick a place near an electric outlet to minimize the appearance of wires. The camera is pretty light, so I skipped using the included anchors and just used the screws to secure it.

The wall mount is adjustable vertically, so place it a little higher so you can angle it down on your little one to get a bit of a higher perspective.

:) This guide has been tested to work with the following hardware and firmware: It's very possible that other Netopia OS based modems are affected as well.

Build 502.000 (08/13/12) Updates: Added support for Kadet 2 models.

I trust him enough to link to him, but if you're security paranoid it is best to do the DIY method instead of using his app.

Anyway, his website is Do not contact me about problems with his tool/method unless you think it's a virus or something like that (so I can unlink it). That really bummed me out, then AT&T published a new firmware update fixing all of my known exploits. If you end up finding another exploit or can help people here, please give me a link and I can point people to your website.

Required: First, scope out where you would like to mount the IP Camera.

You will want a clear view of where the baby sleeps to be close enough for the camera’s microphone to pick up all the cute little noises your little one will make…oh, and those awful wails.

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