Intimidating fantasy football names

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah State football player and another student have been charged with intimidating a witness in a burglary case against two other members of the football team.

However, there are many fantasy fans who need great names to look through.

This year, election-based references will be at an all-time high. (Less popular: "Clinton-Dix for America" for Packers D/ST owners.) There are likely to be a few people swept up in the Harambe meme ("R. Boyz N Da Hood (Gotta draft Ezekiel Elliott, aka Ez-E, for this one.) Rawls Royces Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy Brees the Sheriff Poppin’ Bortles Bortles Service Al Hurns and Gurley Dominate your draft: Get Fantasy Alarm's Draft Guide!With the first week of the NFL preseason now concluded, fantasy football players are already beginning to draft their squads and scout their prospects. Some fantasy football players couldn't care less about what their team name is, while others will go deep into thought to create an exciting and original name that will stand out across the league. ) Chronicles of Riddick Runnin’ Fools Over Like Christine (If we have to explain this one to you, then you don't deserve to have a team name this cool.) Boom Boom Powell Keep Choppin’ Woodhead Bringin’ the Woodhead Take ‘em to the Woodhead Land of the Freeman Parker/Lewis Can’t Lose (Is it worth overdrafting De Vante Parker and an injured Dion Lewis just to get this team name?We say "yes".) Murray Convention (When you think about it, this might be the most intimidating name on the list.

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