Indiana evans dating lincoln lewis

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Set in the fictional waterfront town, Summer Bay in New South Wales, Home and Away focuses on the lives of the Fletcher family and the five children that have been fostered and embraced by Tom and Pippa.

Being part of the soap opera genre, it goes without saying that there was drama, lots of drama.

The former model and artistic rollerskating champion turned to acting in 1993 when she was cast as Angel Parrish on Home and Away.

The Australian-American actress moved later to the U.

As we talk about the start of the career she made the acting first appearance as in the year 2003 by appearing as in the Australian medical drama named as All Saints.When the full moon strikes its waters, the girls are transformed into Mermaids with magical powers over water.8 September 2006Not convinced an interview with Emma's mum will win the short film competition, Rikki decides to get some award-winning shark footage.Indiana Evans has had 3 public relationships dating back to the year 2006.7 July 2006Skylarking on the waterfront, three ordinary teenage girls stumble upon a strange pool on the mysterious Mako Island.

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