Iacp consolidating police services

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After completing dozens of consolidation studies and working with numerous county, city and state agencies on emergency communications issues, we have observed cycles of embracing and fearing the consolidated dispatch center.This generally can be traced to periods over the last few decades when the barriers to consolidation were outweighed by political will, financial necessity and technology advancements.The study will aid the municipalities in determining the: Common interests of the town and village and how they can together provide essential public safety and law enforcement services while maintaining quality of life; Most beneficial relationship to serve each community’s needs.Feasibility of functionally consolidating the police departments, and Potential future cost savings and enhanced service delivery.Several types of consolidation are discussed below, and each has the potential to meet the needs of city, county and state agencies the dispatch center serves.Laberge Group was retained by the Town and Village of Chester to develop a Police Consolidation Feasibility Study.

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