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But while there isn’t any scientific or biological evidence that wearing high heels can be an additional trigger of migraine episodes, some female sufferers do note that the strain of wearing heels may play a part in launching attacks.

“Some women recommend that you avoid high heels if you suffer from migraines because the muscular tension that heels put on your back can lead to migraines,” says Dr.

A few years ago when we went to look for new outfits to shine bright with in the Amsterdam nightlife, he came to me with a pair of the highest heels I’d ever seen in his hands.

The rabbit fur-lined heels come courtesy of Céline's Fall 2010 collection.If I was a woman I would wear these even to go shopping.” Somewhat intimidated by the size of the heels, and surprised that he’d even suggest such a thing I said to him “oh yes darling… Do you want me smile all night when we go out or just be grumpy?Sitting somewhere in the corner complaining like a pussy as I’ll be in such agony from wearing those shoes?I’m talking from experience here as I have a few and one in particular, my best friend forever (bff).He’s my personal fashion advisor keeping me up to date on all of the latest trends as well as acting as my personal stylist.

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