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The die-cut LP jacket and swappable background images on the record sleeves make for an engaging and emotional experience. A reviewer wrote recently that he was “out of superlatives” after the show: “The cult of Mavs fans walked out knowing they surely just saw the only band in the world that can do all this stuff at once, and this brilliantly.” The marks the band’s first foray into the world of exclusive fan pre-sale in partnership with Pledge Music. In addition to the signed (and standard) double LP and CD bundles, fans can order one of Raul Malo’s scarves, a hat from Eddie Perez, and Jerry Dale Mc Fadden’s pink suit from the band’s video “Summertime." To scan the Mavericks’ packed tour schedule at most times of year is to risk a sense of vicarious exhaustion. Shows, even night after night, are their source of energy, passion and pride.

The record worked its way onto play lists across Florida and made its way to Nashville, where it gained the attention of nearly every major record label.

Members are Raul Malo (lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and percussion), Paul Deakin (drums, percussion and marimba), Eddie Perez (electric and acoustic guitars), and Jerry Dale Mc Fadden (piano, organ and celeste).

hen you call yourselves The Mavericks, you have a reputation to live up to.

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