Grateful dead dating

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Listeners are treated to a trio of consecutive Grateful Dead performances, during one of their unquestionable zeniths as a live combo.

The warts 'n' all presentation provides the further intimacy of hearing -- in real-time -- the crests and ebbs of each individual evening on its own or when sized up beside the other evenings.

As the title of this package intimates, Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings (2009) contains a full run of shows at the San Fran-based Winterland Arena in early June 1977 -- the 7th, 8th and 9th, to be exact.

It was the final album for Keith and Donna Godchaux, keyboardist and backing vocalist spouses who left the band a few months after its release.

The record was produced by Lowell George (of Little Feat) and John Kahn.

A tour this momentous deserves a boxed set of historic proportions and has stamped your passport to relive every note from the European tour with EUROPE ’72: The complete recordings — an individually numbered, limited edition collection that includes more than 60 discs with over 70 hours of music featuring every show from what is arguably the Grateful Dead’s greatest tour.

Details Beyond Description (1973-1989) is a companion set to 2001's 12-disc box The Golden Road (1965-1973), which collected all of the Grateful Dead's albums for Warner Bros, adding bonus tracks to each album, along with a double-disc collection of early pre-Warner recordings called "Birth of the Dead" for good measure...

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