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You may also find the UK legal system differs from that of other countries. Websites and offer helpful information in Romanian. Register with a General Practitioner (GP) close to your home address.When coming to UK and planning to work and spend some time here, we advise you to: Start learning English. Get a National Insurance Number, this allows you to work in the UK and access public services.Where ever you see the 3 in 1 logo you can access the following services at that site: Once you’ve been through the registration process you’ll are given a C-Card with your own individual ID number.You can take this card to lots of sites around the city and access free condoms.Appointment sessions run at different times depending on the day of the week.Please check our Clinics' Timetable page for more detail information.We can register your internet name in any country worldwide.

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Male condoms are made from very thin latex and can be used for oral, anal and vaginal sex. This means that two out of 100 women using male condoms as contraception will become pregnant in one year.

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For information about transport the Norfolk County Council website has all the information you need to plan your journey.

Learn by heart telephone numbers you need to know in case of an emergency and save useful numbers in your mobile phone.

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