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The Devolo d LAN Live Cam is a Home Plug-enabled IP camera that lets you view the world through its lens exclusively through an i OS or Android app.

Its home automation devices in particular are industry leaders, regularly winning awards for quality and innovation.

From there, you must download the d LAN Cockpit app to your smartphone or tablet from Apple’s App Store or Google Play and enter the Live Cam’s unique code and password, both of which are located on the underside of the Live Cam.

These changes are in response to feedback from both customers and the home security industry about the high price of the company’s service plans, and in theory this re-structuring makes Vivint’s services financially accessible to a wider array of consumers.

We’ll go into more detail about this cost restructuring below, but at a glance, Vivint offers two payment structure options for new customers: For current customers, original contracts and agreements still stand, but they will have the option to switch to one of these new plans once they’ve fulfilled the terms of their current contract.

In the box you’ll find the Live Cam and a regular Home Plug.

Sadly, the Home Plug doesn’t have a pass-through socket, so it’ll tie up one of your plug sockets.

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